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Transloading of liquid gases (LPG)

There are two ways to transload gases from wide track cisterns to Euro cisterns:

  • direct system “cistern-cistern”
  • through customs warehouse of liquid gases, which is operating by the company.

The Euro cisterns filling and weighting is realized on the automatic filling machine AP.I.

The annual transloading capacity is 50 000 - 60 000 ton of liquid gases.

The capacity of the customs warehouse is 1 000 m3.

Transloaded products: propane, propane-butane, N-butane, propylene etc.

Transloading of light products

The transloading of light products is realized by independent pumps and pipelines. This fact eliminate the mutual mixing of the materials. The technology allows the transloading of light products from normal track cisterns to cisterns of wide track or in reverse.

The annual transloading capacity of light products is about 100 000 ton.

Transloaded products: paraffine, light petrol, heavy petrol, gasoline, naphthalene oil etc.

Transloading of dark products

To transload dark products, a transloading complex is used which permits to transload, to store and to dispatch various products independently on each other, with preserving their quality. The technological equipment allows to transload wide track cisterns along the top, or by the lower end with or without heating. The specialty of the built technology is that it manages to transload also dark products from a wide track cistern, which does not have heating coils or other heating equipment.

For storage of tar, a storage tank with fixed roof of 15 000 m3 capacity is used. The tank’s heating is ensured by internal heating coils. The Euro cisterns filling and weighting is realized on the automatic filling machine AP II.

The annual transloading capacity of dark products is about 200 000 ton.

Transloaded products: tar,  anthracene oil, etc.

Supporting services

The company provides complex services related to the transloading of particular commodities:

  • forwarding services,
  • issuing of accompanying documentation for shipments,
  • customs dealing,
  • quality and quantity control of transloaded products, etc.

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